Grazie a tutti!

Time to say thanks! One week ago, I returned to Germany and the project in Siena is finished so far. (Not forever I’m sure) But I won’t miss to say thanks to all the people who had contributed to let it become a great experience for me!First of all, the two barista of the Café„Grazie a tutti!“ weiterlesen

Shooting with Leonardo

Like I wrote before, on one special evening I met Leonardo Breschi, a local musician. We played a few songs together and of course I invented him for the next day to make a picture of him as a gift. He came and we had much fun, also played „Knocking on heavens door“ together in„Shooting with Leonardo“ weiterlesen

Silver meets sulfur

Conditions on Wednesday weren’t great. It was windy and with time passing by I got really cold. Also the forecast for Thursday was not bright so I made a little break to warm up. I drove to the „Bagni di Petriolo“ where you can bath in sulfur water which has a temperature about 43 °C.„Silver meets sulfur“ weiterlesen