Reportage im Fine Art Printer Foto-Magazin

In der aktuellen Ausgabe des Fine Art Printer Magazins ist ein vierseitiger Bericht über das Camera-Minutera Projekt abgedruckt. Neben den Erlebnissen in Siena berichtete das Magazin auch von den Aufnahmen im altbayerischen Dorf des Doppelolympiasiegers Markus Wasmeier sowie über technische Hintergründe der historischen Kamera. The new magazine of the „fine art printer“ shows a big„Reportage im Fine Art Printer Foto-Magazin“ weiterlesen

Portraits in historical Village

Markus Wasmeier did an excellent career as ski racer. He won the world championship in the year 1985 at Bomio (giant slalom) and later in 1994 he won olympic gold twice in Lillehammer (giant slalom, super g)After his carrer he founded a farm and wintersport museum in Schliersee. This year we had the idea, to„Portraits in historical Village“ weiterlesen

Historical Camera in a historical village!

On 24th and 25th of September I will visit the „Markus Wasmeier Freilichtmuseum“ in Schliersee, Bavaria. The former ski racer and double olympic champion Markus Wasmeier runs a musuem village there. At this place you can make a 300 years timer ride and learn about the life as it was in Bavaria in the middle„Historical Camera in a historical village!“ weiterlesen

Exhibition in my hometown

At the moment you can see some of my work of Siena at an exhibition in my hometown Grafing. The gallery from Reinhard Riederer „Werkstatt 18“ presents pictures and the camera minutera. On Saturday, 11th of June we host an „Italian Evening“ and I will tell some stories of my time in Italy and also„Exhibition in my hometown“ weiterlesen

In God we trust

During my trip I mostly photographed tourist but also people of Siena. With help from above, what should go wrong? Während meines Aufenthalts fotografierte ich überwiegend Touristen aber auch die Menschen der Stadt.Und mit Hilfe von oben kann doch eigentlich nichts mehr schiefgehen.

A „Selfie“ with the Minutera

Today everybody shoots selfies with the smartphone, so why not doing one with the Minutera? But how to press the shutter? The lens I use doesn’t have a mount for a external cable release. Luckily my friend Alex visited me in Siena for three days. First we took a picture of him, then he assisted„A „Selfie“ with the Minutera“ weiterlesen

Lunch in „Campagna di Siena“

picture above (c) Teresa Cicero A few days ago there was a lady watching me while I was preparing the camera. I recognized her because she watched very interested. As I found out soon, she was a photographer from Siena named Teresa and wanted to get a picture from me. So I made one and„Lunch in „Campagna di Siena““ weiterlesen

Weather like a ballerina

The waitress in my preffered bar said to me: „Oggi il tempo è una ballerina“, the weather is like a ballerina. A very nice metaphor for what it did yesterday. And for real, the clouds came up and went away as fast as they did come. From east to west, and west to east and„Weather like a ballerina“ weiterlesen

Sono a Siena di nuovo!

Finally I am back at the beatiful tuscany. The first days before I started work in Siena I have met again some lovely people, I got to know last time and it has been a very warm welcome for me. Endlich bin ich wieder zurück in der wundervollen Toskana. Die ersten Tage, bevor ich zu„Sono a Siena di nuovo!“ weiterlesen

Grazie a tutti!

Time to say thanks! One week ago, I returned to Germany and the project in Siena is finished so far. (Not forever I’m sure) But I won’t miss to say thanks to all the people who had contributed to let it become a great experience for me!First of all, the two barista of the Café„Grazie a tutti!“ weiterlesen