Historical Camera in a historical village!

On 24th and 25th of September I will visit the „Markus Wasmeier Freilichtmuseum“ in Schliersee, Bavaria. The former ski racer and double olympic champion Markus Wasmeier runs a musuem village there. At this place you can make a 300 years timer ride and learn about the life as it was in Bavaria in the middle„Historical Camera in a historical village!“ weiterlesen

Exhibition in my hometown

At the moment you can see some of my work of Siena at an exhibition in my hometown Grafing. The gallery from Reinhard Riederer „Werkstatt 18“ presents pictures and the camera minutera. On Saturday, 11th of June we host an „Italian Evening“ and I will tell some stories of my time in Italy and also„Exhibition in my hometown“ weiterlesen

Grazie a tutti!

Time to say thanks! One week ago, I returned to Germany and the project in Siena is finished so far. (Not forever I’m sure) But I won’t miss to say thanks to all the people who had contributed to let it become a great experience for me!First of all, the two barista of the Café„Grazie a tutti!“ weiterlesen

Time for an „Aperitivo“

One famous thing in Italy is the so called „Aperitivo“, a drink you take usually between 5 and 9 o‘ clock p.m. before you go home to dinner. The bar „Il Battistero“ was closer than 50 meters to my appartement and so I quickly found the way. As I found out it is a very„Time for an „Aperitivo““ weiterlesen

Coffee-break with the unknown taxi driver

Like I told you before, during the first week there were a few windy days in Siena and it was really cold working on the street. I stood on the Piazza San Domenico and a taxi driver came towards me. He told me that he had seen me standing here for the last hours while„Coffee-break with the unknown taxi driver“ weiterlesen

Meeting „Il Fotografo“

Everytime while travelling I visit camera stores which sell analogue cameras. So I stepped into „Foto Moderna“, a store (or should I say it more seemed to be a museum) in the historic center of siena. I looked at vintage cameras made in Italy and then asked for something. The woman, I had asked looked„Meeting „Il Fotografo““ weiterlesen

Impressions from „Il Campo“

Without too many words I will show a few pictures from the shooting I did at Piazza del Campo.Thanks at the bar „Il Palio“ for the coffee. Ohne viele Worte ein paar Eindrücke vom Phototrip auf den Piazza del Campo. Vielen Dank an die Bar „Il Palio“ für den Espresso.

From Siena with Love

While taking pictures on the Piazza del Campo a young couple came across and asked me about the camera and what I am doing here. While chatting I found out, that they were recently engaged in Italy. Of course I offered them to make a portrait as an unforgetable memory of their journey. You could„From Siena with Love“ weiterlesen

Presenting pictures with letterpress

Making nice pictures with a „Camera Minutera“ is one thing. But how to hand out? How to present them? I decided to make covers of craftpaper with letterpress technique. It’ts a one time folded sheet with slices to put the picture in and on the front, the historic lens with shutter ist printed on with„Presenting pictures with letterpress“ weiterlesen

Shooting with Leonardo

Like I wrote before, on one special evening I met Leonardo Breschi, a local musician. We played a few songs together and of course I invented him for the next day to make a picture of him as a gift. He came and we had much fun, also played „Knocking on heavens door“ together in„Shooting with Leonardo“ weiterlesen